The Real Dry™ System is a cost effective way of making your water seepage a thing of the past.

In 1978, Basement De-Watering Systems®, Inc., developed a proprietary waterproofing system. This system captures water seepage at the trouble spot – right where the wall and floor meet – and doesn’t require any digging or removal of flooring. Our system then channels the water away, diverting it from your home and protecting you from water seepage. It’s simple, yet amazingly effective.

Real Dry™ versus the other guys

• Modern Reliable Engineering

• The Real Dry™ System, developed by Basement De-Watering Systems®, works immediately and permanently, …even when other systems fail.

• Real Dry™ captures and removes water at the trouble spot, where the wall meets the floor, and safely channels the seepage away to a sump pump. The result is a basement that will provide the homeowner with clean, dry, useable living space.

• The Real Dry™ System, by Basement De-Watering Systems®, is installed inside the basement during any season of the year. It can be installed before or after basement walls are finished to stop water problems fast.

• The Real Dry™ System has been designed with the homeowner in mind. The system features attractive preformed corners as well as joint connectors for a clean, professional appearance.

• Concrete floors are not damaged, disturbed, or replaced. Costly landscaping and bushes outside basement walls are not touched. This system is completely installed inside.

• The unique installation method of the Real Dry™ System guarantees its success! The entire system is applied to the floor with our own specially formulated bonding agents, which permanently seal it to the floor!

• The secret is our proprietary epoxy used to bond the system to the floor. Basement De-Watering Systems® exclusive epoxy is only available for professional use through our national dealership and authorized installer network.

Truth about bonding agents: Real Dry™ versus other Baseboard Water Proofers

basement caulking and sealantsCaulk Sealants: Are very inexpensive, however the good news ends there. These are mainly found in “do it yourself kits”. There are a host of problems in using caulk to seal baseboard. The main problem is strength. A simple action, such as hitting it with a sweeper, could cause the system to fail. Caulks are also prone to shrinkage over time and they do not adhere well to wet surfaces. Do to the inherent problem with caulk sealants very few companies use caulk sealants professionally. Those that do, usually work out of a garage. BEWARE.

Epoxy Sealants: Epoxies are not created equal. Epoxies are expensive, and how expensive depends on what you are requiring it to do. Waterproofing epoxies must deal with the follow criteria: set-up under water, bonding strength, and longevity. Companies have a tendency to provide only the minimum quality to get the job done. Basement De-Watering® removes other companies systems all the time because they cut corners and used an inferior epoxy. Most are removed 3 to 10 years after they were installed. Longevity and bonding strength are the big issue with epoxy. They are the most expensive factors in creating epoxy. The epoxy used with the REAL DRY™ is stronger than the concrete that it is bonded to. It is as if the baseboard is welded to the floor. The epoxy used with the REAL DRY™ is specially designed to NOT degrade over time. The systems that we installed in 1978 still work the same as the system we install yesterday. Basement De-Watering has installed well over 6 million feet of system.

Basement and Foundation Crack Repair

It’s a good idea to find out all you can about the harmful fractures that are affecting your foundation.

Basement and foundation cracks are extremely destructive and fixing them is important. This process is a critical step in fixing a leaky basement.

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Sump Pump Installation and Maintenance

Your sump pump setup doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Instead of being installed in an ugly open hole, your sump pump can be housed in a durable plastic sump liner with an airtight cover. A sump pump from Basement Systems is actually part of a well-designed system with top-quality components that work together to keep your basement dry.

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